ADA Software Group companies have been providing IT Services to Industry, Business and Government in the Western Europe, The United States, South & South East Asia. We provide services in a highly flexible Business Model that suits the exact need of the Project Onsite, Near Site and Offshore. The onsite services are provided by professionals from the country of the project.

ADA Software Development Centres in India provide the Offshore Components of the Project. Our range of Services reflects our focus and flexibility.

  • Legacy Migration and Reengineering Services
  • IT Strategy Consulting Services
  • Software Development and Maintenance Services
  • Document Digitization and Document Management/ECM solutions
  • Training & Education – IT Finishing School
  • Business Process Outsourcing

Two of our special offerings are:

  • Joint Venture Product Development: Your Ideas and Our Design & Engineering
  • Extension Centre: An extension of your own IT Services Organization