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ADA Software successfully applies Architecture Driven Modernization adopting the principles of Anastylosis to ReEngineer IBM VSE CICS / DLI / PLI / JCL Application to IBM WebSphere / TxSeries / CTG / JSP/ J2EE / DB2 environment | more |

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ADA offers excellent career opportunities to IT & Management Professionals,  Domain Experts as well as fresher & interns | more |
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ADA's technology is built on the premise that complex Information Systems cannot be built, and cannot successfully operate, without Modeling. Unified Modeling Language is the technology of choice for modeling entire IT infrastructures - Business Process, software, Network, Operating Environment and Measurement.

ICT Solutions have to dynamically support the realtime and longterm operations of business processes. Process Models and the software component models that support the process models have to be reusable, and software must be flexible for adaptability to specific processes.

As Global Practitioners of Model Driven Architecture (MDA), ADA is one of the 24 worldwide OMG MDA FastStart Qualified Service Provider.

ADA Software is a group of International Companies operating in Western Europe and the USA and is run by Software and IT professionals in the respective countries supported by ADA Software Development Labs and Factories in India, the Netherlands and the USA. | more |

Modeling 2007 Verticals is presented and produced by OMG™ & ADA Software. The series is based on OMG's flagship specification - Model Driven Architecture® (MDA®) | | |