Our Clients

Over the years we have successfully re-engineered and re-designed Line o Business Application software for diverse industries such as Banking & Insurance, Media Distribution, Manufacturing, etc.. A representative list of our satisfied clients is given below:

Country Customer Project/Platform Details
India Exide India Ltd Integrated Finance and accounting Software from IBM DOS / VSE to UNIX; VSAM to Oracle Forms
India Steam Ship Corp. Ship Management, Fleet Planning and Container Tracking from ICL 2904 to UNIX & Oracle Forms
Stock Exchanges of India Stock Exchange Trading Systems from ICL Series 39 to UNIX & Oracle & Oracle Forms
Peerless Gen Finance MLM System from HP/UX & Oracle to MYSQL & Java / J2EE
Germany Christ Jewellers POS from MS DOS & Indexed Files to Windows and SQL Server
Warner Music Order Entry from Wang VS / Cobol & RPG to Oracle / Oracle Forms
IVL Consolidation of Mainframe Cobol II and Conversion of SAP R/2 to R/3
GKN Conversion of SAP R/2 to UNIX, J2EE, MySQL
HDI-Gerling IBM VSE / CICS / DL/I / PLI to HP/UX, Java / JSP, TxSeries / Oracle
RSW Orga ACU Cobol/ ISAM File to Java/Sql Server
UK Essex County Payroll and Expense System from Bull GCOS to UNIX / Oracle
Unilever Consolidation of two Warehouse & Distribution Systems in IBM AS/400
Sweden Swelog UNIX / COBOL to UNIX / PowerBuilder / Oracle
USA FirstSpin Inc VisualBasic to Java Conversion
MFX Fairfax GUPTA SQL, Centura to Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, Asp. net using C#.
RedRoller Inc VisualStudio to Java Conversion
The Netherlands Billiton Metals Metal Trading from IBM AS/400 to Power Builder and Oracle / Oracle Forms