Business Strategy

Service Strategy

Our legacy of large scale Data Processing, has trained us to be good listeners and we understand the value of effective communication with the users. We also know that the culture and business practices differ from country to country and geographical locations.

We have, therefore, built a network of associates in Western Europe and USA and have partnered with local IT professionals & companies in different countries to provide the local interface.

  • Leverage by Collaborations – Build Relationships with Professionals & Companies to Leverage Each Other’s Knowledge & Skills
  • Deliver Services to customer with the best mix of resources from associates: On-site, Near-site or Off-shore
  • Serve the International Customers through associates and professionals around the Globe


Technical Strategy

  • Architecture Driven and Business Process Orientated Solutions
  • Design, Create and Build Solutions with Enterprise Business Components
  • Blend Legacy Business Knowledge with Modern Technical Platforms
  • Open Standards Based Technology and Platform


Delivery Strategy


  • The Customer is Always Right
  • We exist because our customers exist and services must support their business objectives
  • Create & Use Cost Effective Quality Delivery Mechanisms
  • Plan Incremental Deliveries, Reuse Repository of Design & Software parts
  • Adapt and Enhance Tools to Generate Code
  • Ensure
  • User/Partner participation throughout the Project lifecycle