Who We Are

We are a legacy software modernization company with presence in Germany, India, the Netherlands, and the United States. We offer a comprehensive set of automated, advanced and proven legacy modernization solutions that enables client to standardize, and consolidate their IT systems more modern, reliable in open environment.

While software development hasn’t traditionally been structured, we live and die by the idea that it can be. As an international partner of the Object Management Group, we subscribe to their philosophy of model-driven software development.

While we’re a software and technology firm, our focus is driving your business. We strive to take your needs into account and understand that in the end, you’re concerned about acquiring and maintaining your customers, and doing so at little expense. Just ask any of the clients we’ve served over the years.

Legacy Modernization

ADA provides technology stimulation to Enterprise Solutions. ADA specializes in legacy software migration and modernization, utilizing OMG’s Architecture Driven Modernization (ADM) and Model Driven Architecture’s (MDA) approaches.

Software Development and Technology Consulting

ADA also provides custom software development services utilizing the Software Factory approach. By adhering to industry standards and models, we can take advantage of 100+ skilled programmers and developers to create software designed strictly for your business and its specific Needs.

Given our wide-scope of practice, we can provide technology consulting services to help align your company’s business and technology goals

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